ISC East 2019 Recap!

We participated in the ISC East Show last week in NYC, showing our brand new, patent pending bullet resistant fence. This cutting edge product received awesome feedback from security professionals seeking a better protection from mass shootings.

This bullet resistant fence represented 6 rounds of testing over the past 6 months. We had tested a multitude of testings for the core, different alloys of metal, granular composites, laminate composites, plastics, fibers lexan rubber, wood and poly carbonate were tested. The goal was the most cost effective materiel that could arrest and absorb the energy of a high velocity bullet.

We tested 13 different guns and ammo combinations, 22, 9mm, .357, .44, 30-30, 30-06, AR-15, AK47, shotgun slug and buckshot, and even a .50 caliber rifle to find the best material to stop bullets from a wide range of guns.

The ISC East show brought together the latest products and services for the security industry. Over 200 exhibitors displayed the latest in cameras, detection, crash and bullet resistance. Definitely the most discussed topic was active shooter threats, prevention and response.

Our booth garnered awesome responses with the life size shooter silhouette with spent casings laying at his feet. The bullet resistant wall had over 40 rounds of ammo fired into it. All the bullet holes were visible from the front and no holes were visible from the back, creating quite an impressive scenario fro security professionals to “oooooh” and “aaaaahhhh” over. Actual size bullets were depicted on crime-scene-like placards for attendees to see the actual bullet that had been shot.

All in all, our bullet resistant fence was a huge hit, filling a market void in the security professionals needs. We look forward to working with security professionals to install this revolutionary design on select properties to provide safety, privacy and protection for people gathered behind this special fence.


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